(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

From what I gather, there was some sort of controversy this week about something Santana Moss said on the radio on Tuesday, and whether he was quoted accurately, and whether it means anything.

The thing is, Moss was actually on the radio for quite a while on Tuesday, talking about many different topics. And long before he began talking about the press conference demeanor of his quarterback, he was talking about something that was possibly more interesting: the question of whether the Eagles defense had somehow figured out what the Redskins offense was going to try to do before it did it.

Now, I think some people would argue that it isn’t shocking if the Eagles knew what was coming, that lots of defenses have an idea of what lots of offenses might do, and that the key is whether the offense can still execute as planned. And Moss said as much during this exchange.

But enough introduction. I’m kind of leery of picking out any bits or themes, not wanting to take anything out of context. So here’s the whole discussion. Have fun. Maybe Thursday will be a better day.

Chad Dukes: “There’s been some people claiming that the Philadelphia Eagles knew what you guys were doing on offense. Did you get that sense while playing them on Sunday?”

Santana Moss: “It was kind of crazy, man. Honestly. I spend a lot of time on the sideline until third downs, and I see things. And for the most part, some of the things that we did in the passing game, it seemed like they just was waiting on it. As a player, you might notice that and that might be something that you say, well, maybe they watched us closely the last couple of weeks and said this is all they’re gonna do. Or maybe they said hey, we’re gonna blitz RG, so he’s not gonna have enough time to do nothing else other than this. So it’s different sides, and there’s different things you can take from it. But as a receiver, when it comes down to what we wanted to do, you could sense that they was waiting on it half the time.”

LaVar Arrington: “To me, when I hear that — and coming from you even more so — you do know how disturbing that is, right?”

Santana Moss: “Uh-huh. Definitely. Disturbing to be out there and be a part of it, because you all want to go out there and make plays. At the end of the day, you want to go out there and do your part. And when you see things – you faced them one time before, and it didn’t add up to how it’s looking now – you scratch your head about it. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to go out there and play. So all you can do is line up again and try to execute the play.”

LaVar Arrington: [Suuuuper long question.] [He will punch me on the arm next week for writing that.]

Santana Moss: “I watch a lot of football outside of what we do, especially on the college level. And I know how it is when you know what you’re going against. I also know it’s a copycat league. So if you see a team successful at doing something, you’re gonna say, I have enough guys on my team that’s capable of doing the same thing to stop this team. So what I took from it is that if you watched us last week [against the Vikings], and seen how we didn’t move the ball in that second half, [the Eagles] came out in the first half with that same kind of [scheme].”

LaVar Arrington: “So why wouldn’t the coach be thinking the same exact way?”

Santana Moss: “You know, honestly man, with the stuff that we have, we feel like we should be able to overcome anything, with the guys we have on offense. And we should. To be honest with you, what we did the first half, we felt like the only thing that stopped us WAS us. When it came down to a couple of downs here and there, we didn’t convert on third downs, on key downs. And when you look at it in a nutshell, when you go over the film like we do, when you look at the plays, it kind of boils down to that….It was basically like the second half of [the Vikings game], but it just happened in the first half. And we could never really catch a breath to go out there and make something happen, because we was fighting uphill again. And that’s been the case this year a lot of times when we get behind. Now you can’t really run your plays. You know how it is to be a defender and smell blood. They sensed it from the first quarter. That’s how I took it. They said, ok we’re gonna blitz this guy. If you’re gonna throw the ball, you’re gonna have to throw it to the open person. You’re gonna have to read to the right [person]. So I’m on the sideline watching this, and when you get in third down, now you’re saying ok, well, make a play. So it’s hard.”

LaVar Arrington: “It was blitz and take away Pierre Garcon, is what it was. Take away his first read. If his first read is his tight end, we’re taking away the tight end. If his first read is the receiver to this side, at this place on the field, then we’re taking that away, and he’s got to beat us [another way].”

Santana Moss: “I mean, you saw what I saw.”

I have no interpretation of any of this.