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One of the things I love about Penguins fans is that when they visit D.C. — or when they celebrate the fact that they live here because it’s a great place to live, even though they actually were born somewhere else — can you believe it, no really, they were — and they’ll tell you about it and wear shirts to prove their point — they like to stop in at the American Art Museum. Or maybe it’s the National Portrait Gallery. I get confused.

And actually, I’m not positive if they really visit the museums, or if they just gather on the steps facing 7th Street and chant things. If they actually visit the museums, too, I’d particularly recommend the children’s programming on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’ll tell this to everyone I ever meet: The Portrait Gallery’s art projects on weekend afternoons are the best educational-slash-artistic project you can do with a 6-year old for free in D.C. And we’re not just talking about stodgy 18th century white dudes, either. These are cutting-edge projects, featuring all manner of interesting historical figures. They make you feel great about living in this crazy town of ours.

Even if you have to put up with occasional displays like this.

“There is no better tradition than this,” The Pens Blog proclaimed.

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