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Steve Oleksy on holding a fan’s purse

via @yuknowho
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Last week, a Caps fan shared the above photo of Steve Oleksy holding a fan’s purse during the team’s Hockey ‘N Heels event. The female Caps fan population let out a collective “Awwww,” and Oleksy was the the good guy of the week.

Get your “Aws” ready, because on Thursday, the Caps defenseman explained to me that the move was a no-brainer.

“It’s one of those things,” Oleksy said, about not thinking twice about holding the purse for a fan. “Obviously we’re happy everybody came out there and as a gentleman, I’m not going to let her set her purse down on the cold ice. I know how expensive purses are these days.”

The man is aware. Oleksy said quite simply that he was raised well.

“It was just a kind gesture,” he said. “It just came naturally. I can’t say I carry around purses very often, but it made a cool photo. The picture was pretty funny.”