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Vanity plates — specifically, RGIII-inspired ones — have been a hot topic around here. On Wednesday I thought I’d head to the Redskins locker room and see how the players felt about specialty plates in general.

Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding a Redskins player who was cool with the idea of it.

“That’s corny,” said Niles Paul, when I asked if he’d ever had vanity plates. “I wouldn’t do that. That’s corny.”

Darryl Tapp, who had read the story of the Cowboys fan’s objectionable RGIII plate, cited a different reason for not having one.

“I ain’t trying to be picked out,” he laughed.

A couple of guys echoed that sentiment, citing privacy as a reason not to get one. A couple of more told me the cost wasn’t worth it. One player said his friend had one in high school, but it was way too easy for the police to find him when they wanted to chat.

One by one, the players shot down the idea. Until I got to Santana Moss.

“My first year in the league I was number 83,” Moss said. “And I was 83 in high school, so that was my favorite number. So I had a UM plate that said ‘8Trey.’”

Moss told me that the plates didn’t last long. These days, the wide receiver runs a little more low key.

“Everybody knew it was my car,” he laughed. “I hated that. They’d be, ‘Hey, I saw your car down the street.’ People took pictures of it, were like, ‘Hey, I saw you at the store.’ Everybody knew where I was all the time. I was like, oh man. I gotta stop this.”

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