The Robert Griffin III postgame comment and then eventual “I was misunderstood” or “I take it back” game has been happening all season. This week RGIII seemed to throw his entire offense under the bus during his postgame press conference with a vague comment, only to backtrack during his Wednesday press conference.

During a call with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan, Darrell Green offered advice on how the Redskins quarterback should deal with the media.

“All of the media here, I had great relationships with ‘em, by first name,” Green said. “I was always available, I don’t care what happened in a game, if I did good or bad. I think that you communicate with the media like human beings. You speak to them. You cause them to respond to you like a human. You don’t have your head down, you don’t, ‘Woe is me.’ You just speak like a human and you communicate. And it doesn’t always have to be something you like, but you communicate with these guys. Because guess what, you guys are just human beings. You’re not like, some, you know, martians or something. Just talk and communicate.

“And I think that this young man is starting to do a better job, ‘cause at the end of the day, when people feel like they really know you, they’ve felt your pain, they’ve felt your joy. I think in the beginning, he wasn’t willing to let you feel his pain. I think now, he’s willing to say, ‘You know what? This hurts. I’m hurting. I’m not feeling good. I don’t like what’s happening.’ You know what? I appreciate that, and I think that’s the way you deal with the media. You deal with them like you’re talking to your friend down the street. Just be free. You don’t have to try to cover. Because like you said, ya’ll gonna dissect everything anyway.”

It shouldn’t be that complicated, but Green may have a point when he talks about availability. The media gets two opportunities every week to ask the quarterback questions, and both times are during press conferences. There isn’t an opportunity on Monday to approach him during open locker room to ask him clarify a comment, or expand on something he said during an emotional postgame moment. This means that the media has from Sunday until the Wednesday press conference to talk about, dissect, and try to get behind the meaning of an unclear statement.

The system is designed to streamline communication with the quarterback, but it doesn’t work if you give vague answers and then don’t speak again for three days.




London Fletcher, on retirement:

“I feel good, physically. That’s the thing. I’m not battling injuries or anything like that. So, I’ll look at it when the season’s over. I don’t have a lot of football left in me at 38 years old.”
Darrel Young taking a photo of students cheering for him at Tuesday’s NFL PLAY 60 Super School visit.

courtesy of the Redskins


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