The Redskins storyline machine has been spitting out pre-packaged drama nuggets with amazing regularity over the past few weeks. Complete with several varieties of narrative dipping sauces. Accompanied by the french fries of he-said-she-said, and the soda pop of media backlash, and the napkins of emotional exhaustion.

It all landed on NFL Network’s pregame show Thursday night, along with every other show that discusses the NFL, as you can see above. (Thanks, @recordsANDradio, for the amazing work on that one.)

After some chatter from Rich Eisen’s roundtable about the latest drama — which includes a report from Chick Hernandez that, according to team sources, Robert Griffin III called the wrong protection on his final interception last weekend — Marshall Faulk offered up a few thoughts.

“This bothers me in so many ways,” Faulk said. “I mean, listen, you’re in the huddle with the quarterback. And let’s say the quarterback calls the wrong protection. There needs to be someone in that huddle to know, whoawhoawhoa wait wait wait, we can’t run that protection with that play. Someone needs to know that, to help him out.

“We’re treating RGIII as if he’s a seasoned veteran,” Faulk continued. “This is year two. Not to mention, he didn’t play any preseason. And I’m not making excuses for him, but those type of things don’t make it to the media. And your head coach – and I keep saying stuff about Mike Shanahan. He needs to make sure that guys in his locker room are not talking about his franchise quarterback. Let’s not forget, RGIII is a FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK, and he needs to be treated like a franchise quarterback. And if that means the plays that are being called are not to his liking? Guess what you do. You call the plays that he likes, because he has to run those plays.”

“You’re either talking about his franchise quarterback or his son,” Eisen said, speaking of Mike Shanahan’s two choices.

“Let’s just say that that guy’s first name was Kyle, and he didn’t have a last name?” Faulk countered. “He’d be fired.”