(Mike Wise/The Washington Post)
(Mike Wise/The Washington Post)

Bad times, friends. Bad times. Sports are supposed to be fun, not painful. At least, watching sports. Unless you bet on them.

Ok, whatever, maybe sports are supposed to be painful. But this is above and beyond.

Like, listen to this fan, interviewed by WNEW’s Cameron Thompson BEFORE Monday night’s disaster.

“The cold weather mirrors the feelings in my heart as a Redskins fan,” the anonymous fan said. “A desolate wasteland. A vast nothingness of disappointment. That’s all. That’s it, really.”

Could it get worse, the fan was asked?

“No,” he said. “It’s a post-apocalyptic nightmare of fandom.”


There will be more in the next six days. An endless amount more. We will transcribe disaster-mode radio interviews until our calloused fingers drip blood onto our battered keyboards. But we’re not topping that.

And yes, this audio and these photos all came prior to the massacre. Not sure how they’d have been explained had the Redskins won. Guess it doesn’t matter.

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