I turned on the radio Tuesday morning. I hadn’t slept a lot. The Junkies were on 106.7 The Fan. The Titanic theme song was playing. Shortly thereafter, the station went to break, and when it came back, the voiceover man welcomed me to Terrible Tuesday.

That’s pretty much how Monday night went.

If you want that in pictorial form, here’s one of the last shots from Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show.

To think, it was barely more than a month ago that I was posting photos of pizzas loaded down with gobs of 12 free toppings. And now? You’re lucky if you get sauce.

My pal and corporate cousin Rick Snider has dubbed such days Crust Mondays. This, of course, is a Tuesday. But it’s the crustiest Tuesday you could dream of.

(Via Comcast SportsNet)
(Via Comcast SportsNet)


From Boz’s postgame column:

This is a game, seen by all and hard to defend by any, that will be remembered without thanks throughout this week. Questions — about anyone and everything — that bubbled last week will now come to a boil. Get those Thickskins ready. They’ll be needed.


Many of the Tweets that stuck in my head from the night.






I forgot to post this last week, but it seems equally appropriate this week. From Burgundy Blog:

Stability is only good when it’s stably good.

Do these people realize that the vital signs of a corpse are stable?

Stable just means the same. When something is stable and bad…it’s actually just stagnant. You don’t win trophies in football for being stable, you win them for kicking ass. It’s awesome to be stable and solid and boring if you’re also successful but I don’t see how stability itself offers any kind of magic path to goodness. Jim Zorn could have been stable for five or ten years if Snyder had let him. There is also great wisdom in smartly cut losses and realistic self-evaluation.



Pau Gasol, in town to play the Wizards, stopped by at what he said was his first NFL game. He picked a poor one.



WIZARDS FANS FREAK OUT If you weren’t paying attention, this is how many fans managed to transition seamlessly from Redskins despair to Wizards despair.



The Wizards host the Lakers at 7 on Comcast SportsNet. D.C. home games against high-profile California teams usually go well, so it’s cool. All TV and radio listings are here.