Sunday, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks made headlines by telling CSN Washington’s JP Finlay that Robert Griffin III should not be on the field.

“I don’t think he should be playing,” Brooks said. “You can see it. Everybody can see it. Everybody can see it.”

Monday, Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty went further, telling NFL Network that Kirk Cousins actually would give the Redskins a better chance to win.

“I have to agree with Ahmad Brooks,” Canty said. “It’s clear that RGIII does not have the explosion that he had during his rookie campaign. You know what, much of his game is predicated on his agility, his elusiveness and his ability to be able to separate from defenders. He can’t do that and that knee is not 100 percent healthy. This is his second reconstruction on that same knee. I think it takes a little more time for that guy to develop and get healthy in order to put himself in good positions to be able to help his team win.”

“I think they should sit him down,” Canty later said. “It’s clear that he is not able to run the offense at the high level that he did during in his rookie year. I think Kirk Cousins gives them the best opportunity to win football games right now.”

Why a Ravens defensive lineman is talking about Griffin, I’m not totally sure. But dang.


New York Times columnist and Redskins fan Maureen Dowd is now writing about how RGIII is like Austen heroines. Yeah, that’s where we are now. We’ll all just band together and hug each other when needed, and we’ll get through this tough time. Dig deep. Learn some lessons.

The 22-year-old RGIII swept into town like Emma Woodhouse, “handsome, clever and rich,” as Austen wrote of her 20-year-old title character, but spoiled by “the power of having rather too much her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself.”

Like Emma and Elizabeth Bennet, RGIII has gone through humbling experiences. His humiliations on the field this season alternated jarringly on TV with his commercials for Subway, concocted when the Heisman winner from Baylor was still flying high and grinning cockily….

Like every compelling and high-spirited Austen heroine, the Redskins’ erstwhile hero has some growing up to do. He has to go through the fire, dig deep and learn some lessons about character.


This is starting to feel so much like 2009, which is so weird. Wise’s latest column:

Fourteen years running, money still hasn’t bought Snyder anything but false hope yet.

This is deeper than the coach and the quarterback. Much deeper. It always has been.


At least two Redskins were at the Wizards-Lakers game on Tuesday night. Neither contributed to the Redskins on Monday night.

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If you want to read an impossibly harsh column about Monday night, let me direct you to Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat. He refers to the Redskins almost exclusively as the Clowns. An excerpt:

The 49ers, through no fault of their own, played a bunch of clowns on Monday. Some people say the Redskins should change their name. How about the Landover, Md., Clowns….

Their coach Mike Shanahan used to be the best head coach in the NFL. It wasn’t even a discussion. Now, he should retire….

The Clowns’ over-hyped, faddish quarterback Robert Griffin III can’t pass, can’t read defenses, can’t even run anymore. He’s hurt — perhaps permanently damaged….

All this means the Clowns offered zero opposition to the Niners. In boxing, you’d call them a punching bag. Or a tomato can. Or a bum.


The Big Lead has an extensive breakdown of every time RGIII has been sacked this year. The vast majority of the time, no Redskins offensive lineman helped him to his feet. There are lots of GIFs.


If you like hearing Chad Dukes rant about the Redskins, you’ll love this one. Excerpt:

“I love Mike Shanahan. He’s the best. He is the smartest man. I have never been able to fail at a job and then be handed a check like that. Every time I fail at a job they come up and say ‘Dukes, we’ve had enough of you, here’s your package and no, we’re not paying you the rest of your contract. Goodbye, your services are no longer [needed].  Mike Shanahan’s still getting a check for failure! God bless him. I love this country that you can do that. It is a great country, and God bless the NFL and the Washington Redskins.”


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