(Via the Wizards)
(Via the Wizards)

Michael Lee explained in great detail what the Wizards would be doing for Thanksgiving: dinner at Al Harrington’s mom’s house, filled with many many items of food.

Via Mike’s story:

Al Harrington was ecstatic when he looked at the Wizards‘ schedule, saw that the team would be in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving and realized that he was going to have a chance to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Harrington then checked to see what the Wizards planned to do for the holiday and felt guilty about eating a plate of homemade turkey with all the fixings when heard that the team was going to have a catered meal at the hotel.

So he called his mother, Mona Lawton, to see if she would be able to cook a huge holiday meal for all of his teammates. Lawton had never cooked for that many people, but she told her son, “Of course.”

This wasn’t just a normal Thanksgiving dinner, though. This dinner came with a menu, as seen above. Those are a lot of options. I count eight meats and 12 sides.

Images posted by attendees suggested a good time was had by all etc. etc.

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