(By Sky Kerstein, via @SkyKerstein)

There were plenty of reasons to think that Sunday’s crowd at FedEx Field for the Redskins-Giants game would be smallish. It was the last night of a holiday weekend, with many locals returning from out-of-town. It was a cold night. People have to get to work early on Monday morning. The Giants entered with a bad record. The Redskins entered with a worse record.

The prices on the secondary market plunged all week; there were upper level seats available for less than $10 on StubHub all day on Sunday; some were offered for as little as $5.98. There were lower-level seats available for less than $30. An hour before kickoff, there were more than 400 tickets offered on StubHub for $20 or less; one keen local observer told me his friends were trying (and failing) to give seats away for free on Facebook.

So that the crowd would be small wasn’t surprising.  All that being said, these images at kickoff seemed noteworthy.

(And I do think you could argue that it was impressive how many people showed up, despite all the factors listed above.)

(Via @kalexa71)