Robert Griffin III’s busy offseason included helping produce a documentary about himself, going to a Tom Cruise premier with Dan Snyder, and going to Cafe Milano and the White House Correspondents’ after party with Snyder.

At the time, I argued that things like this were 100 percent fine if the Redskins replicated their 2012 success, but would become an issue if the Redskins busted.

Well, the Redskins busted. And after going through a season’s worth of culprits — from Robert Griffin II, to Robert Griffin III, to Mike Shanahan, to Kyle Shanahan,to mythical space creatures made entirely of mangoes — the fingers are starting to point toward the top.

“I blame the Washington Redskins for this,” Donovan McNabb said last week, discussing the celebritification of RGIII. Tony Dungy went much further on NBC’s Football Night in America on Sunday.

“You also see this celebrity element that’s part him, part the organization, but something’s not the RGIII that I saw coming out,” former NFL exec Scott Pioli said before Sunday’s loss.

“I don’t blame that all on RGIII,” Dungy then said. “That is the landscape of Washington with Daniel Snyder. He tries to create the celebrity status. You go back to Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith all the big name guys he’s brought in there — they put that around RGIII.”

“They’ve both got to do something,” Pioli said. “The organization and RGIII need to decide that they’re going to move forward, work on relationships and not have documentaries about injury rehab, not have all these commercials. He needs to focus on football.”

“It’s also tough to be a normal player when the owner treats you differently,” Dan Patrick added. “He wants to be your buddy.”

“You have to build a team, not build a collection of stars,” Dungy said.

The panel then agreed that if the Redskins were winning, none of this would be a problem. Which is true. But the team isn’t winning. Read the full transcript here.


Boz is getting darker and darker about this season:

We can discuss, at our leisure, whether center Kyle Nelson’s hideous snap bounced and dribbled, plopped and piddled, four, five, six or 300 times before it finally reached amazed punter Sav Rocca. We can marvel that Rocca, faced with a worm-burner, could mix sports, field the grounder and still boot the ball side-saddle, like an old-time quick-kicker for an actual 18-yard punt….

What’s beyond debate is that it’s a play — in its harsh humor, its almost malicious edge — that captures how a team that went 10-6 one season can now be 3-9 and can’t honestly be sure if it will win again this season.


Moisture in the air. Got it.


This was before Washington’s final drive on Sunday night. Mike Wise, everyone.


Yes, Redskins offensive linemen assisted RGIII to his feet after he was sacked on Sunday night. Also, a former Hog — Rick ‘Doc’ Walker — helped Griffin to his feet after the quarterback slid into the wall on a scramble.



This is something else that no one would care about if the Redskins were good. Actually, maybe no one cares even if they’re bad, but it’s funny. From CSN Washington’s JP Finlay:

A pair of drummers in the Skins band admitted their allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, they took pride in being Cowboys fans and said it has no impact on their performance.

“24/7,” percussionist Myles Overton said of his Cowboys fandom. “Openly, proudly.”

Overton clearly was not hiding his favorite team, as he and fellow Dallas fan David Clark tailgated outside of their blue van, complete with the Cowboys star.


This obviously should be a regular feature.


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