Last week, Ahmad Brooks offered his opinion that Robert Griffin III shouldn’t be playing. After this past Sunday’s performance, another NFL player is saying the same.

Chris Canty, currently with the Baltimore Ravens, was speaking to Comcast SportsNet and had this to say about the Redskins quarterback options:

“It’s absolutely about performance now,” the defensive end said. “You wanna evaluate all your talent. I absolutely believe that a part of that is evaluating quarterback Kirk Cousins because clearly RGIII is not healthy. He does represent the future of your franchise, and you don’t want to continue to put him in harm’s way, as we saw in the second half with the Giants pass rush.”

Canty went on to say that he and Brooks may not be the only players who feel that way.

“I think it’s clear, and it’s apparent to all the players in the National Football League,” he said. “He’s not healthy, he’s not explosive, he’s not agile, he’s not dynamic, he can’t separate from defenders. He can barely keep himself upright when he’s running out of bounds, as you saw last night in the first half, he slipped on the turf and everybody kind of held their breath as he was running out of bounds because they weren’t sure if he was gonna get back up. I think it’s a situation where you use Kirk Cousins, you put him in there, that gives you an opportunity to evaluate the rest of the talent on the offensive side of the ball with clear eyes. And you can see what you have, as well as build trade value for Cousins in the future.”

So many NFL players are worried about RGIII. It’s kinda cute, isn’t it?
First the One Direction movie and now “Hunger Games.” Tom Wilson is building a solid movie resume.


Nene, on the Wizards hard work:

“Excuse my language, but we’ve been busting our butt. I know we have a couple of players sore, like myself, and other players but when you win, you forget a little bit, of the pain. Just a little bit. You have no how clue how painful it is to play the last two games. My Achilles’ is hurting a lot. But what matters is doing your best for the team. That’s the reason we succeed.”
Martell Webster, taking over interviews again.

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