(Jonathan Newton/Washington Post)

Darrel Young likes children. But he did admit in our “Last Thing” chat that he also likes playing mean jokes on them. He insists it’s all good, but fair warning, kids: Don’t try to prove to him that your hand is bigger than your face.

Darrel Young, what was the last…

Movie you saw
“Best Man Holiday.” Great. Touching. If you have a heart, you’ll want to see it.

Thing you read
The Sport Journal.

Thing you cooked
Baked chicken, last night. You gotta season it up, put it in the oven, bake it. It falls right off the bone. My dad has his famous barbeque sauce. He brings it whenever he comes to a game. It’s a secret. He’ll take it to the grave with him.

Song you downloaded
Drake. His whole album.

Vacation you went on

Person who made you laugh
Robert Griffin. He just made me laugh in the training room. I can’t repeat what he said, but it was pretty funny.

Person you texted
My brother, just now.

Thing you took a picture of
Alfred and I on the way to a charity event.

Time you were scared
When my brother said he might have to go back to Afghanistan two months ago. He’s waiting for final orders.

Animal you pet
A dog. A random dog at Richard Crawford’s apartment. It was an American Bulldog-Lab mix. I love animals. I’m going on a safari after the season.

Gift you got somebody
I got my nephew a Playstation 4.

Date night
I don’t know. It’s been a while.

Prank you pulled
I did a charity event and I told the kid, if your hand is bigger than your face, it means you’re a good athlete. He was 10. He laughed and said, ‘I know that trick.’ I said, ‘No, this is different, man. Different from anything I’ve ever told you.’ He said, ‘But you never told me anything.’ I said, ‘That’s the point.’ So he did it and I made him hit his face. It was all good, though. He laughed.

Website you visited