(Via YouTube)
(Via YouTube)

Bullet points:

* Maryland did not go to a bowl game after either of Randy Edsall’s first two seasons.

* Maryland will go to a bowl game this season.

* Many current Terps football players have a tradition of bowling together one night a week.

* For you youngsters, Bowling Alone was — at least in my youth — a catchphrase fraught with cultural implications about the gradual decay of America’s unifying societal frameworks. Bad, in other words.

* Maryland will want to attract a large crowd of supporters to travel to its still-unknown bowl destination.

* It’s mathematically impossible to make a bad video featuring Testudo.

Add all those bullet points together, and this promotional video is what you get.


“It’s no fun to bowl alone,” quarterback C.J. Brown says after tossing a gutter ball.

“That’s why Terps bowl with friends,” points out Dexter McDougle, the popular senior cornerback who missed most of his final season with an injury.

“Never bowl alone,” McDougle later tells the camera, as the duo promotes the school’s Bowl Central site.

Also, Testudo’s giant furry fingers evidently don’t fit inside a bowling ball.