(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

When I spoke with Steve Oleksy for a “Last Thing” chat, he mentioned that the last movie he saw was  depression-era gangster movie “Lawless.”

“Obviously I’ve seen it quite a few times, but it was the last one,” the Caps defenseman said. “On game days I usually tend to watch a movie between pregame skate and our game, so I always threw something on, and ‘Lawless’ was the last one I threw on.”

One of the most common athlete rituals is the game-day nap, but Oleksy told me that catching some Zs isn’t on his schedule. His movie habit has become his own ritual.

“I don’t nap between practice and our game on game days,” he explained. “I like to stay awake, so I throw in a movie, kinda get my mind away from things and just relax. Hang out and refresh the mind. It’s something that I do every game day.”

Oleksy said there isn’t a particular type of movie that psychs him up for the game. From action to comedy, it doesn’t matter, and he insists that one type of movie doesn’t affect his mind-set more than another.

“I switch it up,” he said. “I just flip through, and whatever catches my eye I throw on. I like all movies. It’s nice to expand and watch all different ones.”

Something tells me that the One Direction movie isn’t in the rotation.