(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

The Wizards have very publicly embraced their past in recent seasons, going back to red-white-and-blue uniforms, setting up an alumni group, honoring the 1978 Bullets championship team, and so on.

Of course, the team has specifically focused on embracing the distant past, while also focusing on distancing itself from the immediate past. Haven’t been a lot of nights honoring the last team to win a playoff series, in other words. No “Haywood-Thomas Fight Night” bobblehead promos. And all sorts of players from the recent past have been booed when returning to Verizon Center; Nick Young was the most recent example.

And yet a large group of Wizards fans still love Gilbert Arenas, even though he was central to the dissolution of those playoff teams. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think if the team had a retirement ceremony for Arenas at center court — despite everything — he would earn a massive ovation. That’s my guess.

Clearly, that won’t happen, but Gilbert is embracing the Wizards regardless. He recently posted this message on Instagram. (Some punctuation has been altered for clarity.)

If u don’t let go of ur past u will never live in the present. Some of us are stuck on things that happened 2,6,even 10yrs ago and the ppl u were around have moved on while ur still dwelling on the past ….(Felt the locker room story got flipped and made worst then what it really was)….5yrs later i can say I’m teamwiz4life. Thx lil bro @john_wall. Thx for believing in me and asking for help before games and after..#allstar (if u believe u can’t be stopped then u won’t ..only u can stop u)

Wall replied in the comment section, like so:

yessir big bro

Maybe Gilbert could just buy a ticket and show up in a Wall jersey and see what happens.

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