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1) No, I can’t believe we’re still writing about the Seahawks game, either.

2) I take my cues from wise veteran John Keim, who wrote this this week, after Kyle Shanahan talked about the Seattle playcalls:

(For the record: Yes, this topic is getting old for us, too. But it popped up again; Shanahan was asked about it and was more expansive than ever on this topic.)

3) The Seattle game is in the news more than ever right this second, if you know what I mean.

4) Maybe Mike Shanahan has said previously that he thought Robert Griffin III was hurt at halftime of the Seahawks game, and that he was persuaded otherwise by James Andrews, but I can’t exactly recall that one.

All that being said, this happened on ESPN 980 Friday afternoon.

“There’s a report that Robert did not trust the way plays were being called after the injury last year,” ESPN 980’s Scott Jackson said, referring to Wise’s column. “Just your reaction to that kind of thing?”

“Well, I heard that all of last year,” Shanahan said. ” People understand that when you get in a game….When I was at halftime, let’s talk about Seattle last year. The first thing you do, is I go to the doctor and I say hey Dr. Andrews, tell me, is his knee any different from the beginning of the game? And he says no, it’s JUST as good. Is there any more chance of him getting hurt right now? LCL, not even talking about the ACL. So as a coach, you listen to one guy, and that’s the doctor.

“And the next person you go to is the quarterback,” Shanahan continued. “And if  he tells you he’s alright, you’re gonna sit him on the bench? You’re gonna say no, I’ve just got a gut feel? No, you play him. And that’s what we did. Now you can always second-guess yourself after the game. You say Oh My God. Because my gut was — I saw Kirk [Cousins] — my gut was hey, he’s hurting doc. Don’t tell me he’s alright. You’ve got to tell me for sure. And so when you go through those things and people constantly ask you about it, I’m going, from a coaching standpoint, you can’t be thinking about that in a game. Either the doc says he can go, and the player….

“And I told Robert after the season, I’m not gonna trust you next time,” Shanahan finished. “You tell me you can go, and then all of the sudden you can’t go. Now, next time, it’s shame on me. And that’s my mindset with those type of things. So I don’t really worry about what people say, but that’s my mindset.”

So to repeat, Shanahan was asked about the playcalling in the regular season after Griffin returned from injury. He answered that he thought Griffin was hurt at halftime of the playoff game, but then the doctor and quarterback convinced him otherwise. Sounds like he’s trying to win a different argument.