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Redskins coaches under Dan Snyder

(Via Comcast SportsNet)

Toward the end of its funereal Redskins postgame show on Sunday, Comcast SportsNet showed this graphic. That’s tough. (Although, as noted, Jim Zorn was actually 12-20, not 10-22.)

And it brings to mind a discussion on ESPN’s pregame show Sunday morning.

“Fourteen years as the owner of the Washington Redskins; seven different head coaches,” Keyshawn Johnson began. “Fourteen seasons. That, tells me, I don’t care how smart and how much money he’s made; he made his money doing things other than owning a football team. So hire the right people to run your football program. Stop recycling the same guys over and over. You tried it all; the best in college football, guys that used to be hot in the NFL. Why don’t you try something new for a change and see if that works? See if hiring a new guy works.”

That didn’t really make much sense. Too many coaches, too many approaches, so try something new?

“This is the thing, he has tried everything,” Cris Carter noted.

Which made more sense.