Hey, here’s Deion Sanders defending Dan Snyder as a good guy who would never meddle with his football team. Happy Monday.

“Can I defend Dan Snyder for a moment?” Sanders asked on NFL Network Sunday night. “Because I know him, and Dan is a good dude. The Dan Snyder I know [does] not meddle in what’s going on with his team and his franchise and with the quarterback. He befriends his players, and they are crazy about him. I’ve never seen a player say anything derogatory about Dan Snyder. So let’s get that straight. And how did this report just come out? It happened, what, last year? And a year later, now you want to bring this mess up? I don’t know if there’s any validity to that.”

Later, Sanders tackled the defense.

“Can somebody say something about the defense is hot smoking garbage?” Sanders requested. “I mean, garbage with heat on it. That’s how stank this is. Thirty-one points a game; so you mean to tell me when I drive into the stadium and I look up at the scoreboard, it’s 31 up there. I’ve got to get 32 just to be in the game. We’re putting this on RGIII; he’s not a glimpse of himself from a year ago, neither is the running game whatsoever, neither is the offensive line whatsoever. But the defense is HORRIFIC. Let’s focus on that every now and then.”


Various photos of 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies wearing bags on their heads. Because it’s December in Washington.




You know, the Caps might not be the ’85 Bears, but they win more often than they lose. And they won, convincingly, in Madison Square Garden on Sunday night, backstopped by Philipp Grubauer and his wry smile. Just wanted to make sure I can’t be accused of ignoring them, as I prepare 50 more “Redskins in crisis” items.


Thomas Boswell with knives drawn is a sight to behold. From his latest column:

Who deserves more blame, Mike Shanahan, the weasel of a coach who defames his enemies, deflects blame and now may duck out of town if he gets the firing he craves? Or Snyder, the man who picked Shanahan, his seventh coach in 14 years, while all around the NFL old hands said, “If this ends badly, those two guys really deserve each other.”

Maybe this is the bottom for a team that can’t even get its name right. You can hope. But you have deep doubts. The pattern repeats, though the characters change. Only the sadness, the futility, mixed with the smoldering embers of outrage, remains.


ESPN did not go out of its way to find the most flattering image of Snyder it had available in its photo archive on this morning.


I know, I know, tickets sold not turnstiles, etc. etc. It’s still a funny visual.


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