(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

There are many ways to follow a Redskins game as it progresses: You could watch on TV, or listen on the radio, or follow one of the many live updates available on the Internet, or even go to the game in person.

Many of those methods, though, might be sort of depressing if — as was the case on Sunday — the Redskins get thrashed. Thus, I’d like to present another alternative: You could just follow along on the @Redskins Twitter feed. Even if the Redskins are pounded into burgundy pulp on the field, as their coach openly plans his exit strategy and their fans leave in disgust, you can still have a good time and find the bright side.

Let’s just take a look at every single tweet the @Redskins account offered during the first half of Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs. Bear in mind, that first half ended with the Redskins down by 28 points.

No wind, and a victory in the coin toss. Good omens.


Looks festive.


I would have played up the fact that Demps didn’t return it for a touchdown, but that’s just quibbling.


Definite possible advantage for…well, for one of the teams.


Another victory for the defense.


This defense can bend over itself 17 times without breaking.


Unsettling. But…




Off script.


Sweet. Just skipped over that touchdown. No worries.




Point of emphasis.


Way more important than the score of the game.


Also more important than the score.


Say, what was the score at this point anyh….look! Weather!


Ever finding out the score is DOUBTFUL.


Morris, though, was clearly slaying.


What’s a touchdown? I haven’t heard of any touchdowns.


Another offensive milestone? Jeez, what a first half!


Chances of getting a score update? What’s below OUT?


DE-FENSE. DE-FENSE. Why wouldn’t the Chiefs want to get some points in such a close game?


The 20! Great field position!


They can’t cover this dude. Offense is rolling.


Up and down the field.


A machine.


A TOUCHDOWN. Hot dang. That’s the first touchdown I’ve read about. The rout must be on!


When things are going well, you break out the human-interest stories.


Wait, Chiefs TD? Huh? Whatever, we’re on the move again.


Work that sideline, Grif.


Two-minute drill. Humming.


AND THE FIELD GOAL IS GOOD! MAN, what a drive. That’s just impressive, in those conditions, without Jordan Reed, to see the offense go right down the…wait, it’s 38-10? How in the name of Papa John did that happen? Because I only read about four scoring plays: a Chiefs field goal, a Redskins touchdown, an undescribed Chiefs touchdown, and a Redskins field goal.