(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

I just listened to Peter King and Colin Cowherd and Adam Schefter talk about the Redskins coaching job.

That’s interesting by itself, insofar as the Redskins currently have a coach. It probably doesn’t bode well for Mike Shanahan’s future.

I thought this was also interesting, from Cowherd, to King.

“Washington, D.C., is a major political player and it’s a major American city, but it plays like a small town,” he said. “It’s kind of suffocating, there’s 12 Redskins message boards, the media only wants to talk about the Redskins, it’s like the NBA and baseball don’t exist much. Is it now just a bad job in this league, with Snyder, and the suffocating media attention? Is it a bad job?”

I can think of two active Redskins message boards, though I’m sure I’m missing others. And the suffocating media attention? Am I crazy? Aren’t we teddy bears here? Didn’t one of the most important columnists at the most important local paper recently endorse an extension for Shanahan? Have I lost all perspective? Is this actually a tough enough media environment that it makes head coach of the Redskins a bad job?

“I laugh when everybody says [Dan Snyder will] never get a great coach to come there,” King replied. “I mean, does anybody remember how this job was derided when year after year Dan Snyder would be intrusive into the process and be over involved in everything, and everybody said who are you gonna get to coach there? I mean, Mike Shanahan is the seventh guy who said yes, and Mike Shanahan won two Super Bowls. It wasn’t all about the money. The Washington job is a job that people in this business like. I think what I’m saying is, are people going to be cautious? Does Bill Belichick want this job? Does Nick Saban want this job? No. They don’t need this job. But there’s a whole slew of coaches – really, really good coaches – who will want this job.”

Meanwhile, in an appearance with a depressed Scott Van Pelt, Schefter went over specific names.

“[Snyder’s] history has been to go after high-profile coaches,” the Shanahan confidante said. “He inherited Norv Turner. He hired Marty Schottenheimer, he hired Steve Spurrier. Joe Gibbs. These are the kinds of names that he’s gone after typically in the past, so now, this is going to be tough. It’s hard to imagine that he’s going to go to Art Briles. Art Briles is not leaving Baylor to go coach the Washington Redskins and be reunited with RGIII. So he’s in a situation where there’s no obvious hot candidate out there. Jon Gruden’s made it very clear that he intends to be back in the Monday Night Football both next season. Your guess is as good as mine, is as good as his right now, I would bet.”