Having been around town for a while now, the end days of the Mike Shanahan regime feel familiar. The remaining games are meaningless, the press conferences are farcical, and all focus is on what comes next.

Still, some of my pals think this one is worse than others. Here’s Chris Mottram at Mister Irrelevant:

When it was finally, mercifully over, Washington had lost its tenth game, 45-10. Another one to throw into the dumpster fire that is this season — possibly the worst of my 31-year lifetime. A new low to top the many lows of the Dan Snyder Era.

And here’s Staying Medium, which isn’t:

I’m finding myself pushed to the limits here. With a bad football team there is hope for improvement, and therefore a reason to keep paying attention. But when the personality of the owner prevents any football plan from being carried out, it is hard to even have anything to look forward to.

Uncharacteristically, this current situation has not provoked me to spend any time thinking about who the next coach should be, or which positions should be drafted or signed to fix this roster, or what the odds are of Robert Griffin III getting his career back on track. I find myself not caring.  I have been obsessed with this team since I was old enough to know they exist. I have never not cared before. It is a disconcerting feeling.

Yikes! The Redskins, of course, were also a meaty topic for Wilbon and Kornheiser on Pardon the Interruption, and they were not kind, as Wilbon called the Redskins the NFL’s “most dysfunctional” franchise.

“I’m looking at a franchise that seems to ill-prepared to be a good team, to be a good franchise,” Wilbon went on. “These are the same themes you, and I, and everybody else in and around Washington, has been talking about for 15 years now. Oh, the player’s too close to the owner, and the coach doesn’t like it. How many times have we heard that? Nothing changes there. People said, oh, the owner doesn’t meddle anymore. Yes, he does meddle. There’s enough blame to spread around here. Shanahan gets some of it, Dan Snyder gets some of it, RGIII gets some of it, and all the other players. That franchise right now is the laughingstock of the NFL.”

All the main characters here are divas,” Kornheiser then said. “The coach, I believe, wants to get fired at this point and collect $7 million. The quarterback spends a lot of time putting out messages that he wants the coach fired. I mean, this is going on for a couple of years now. Everybody leaks selectively to whomever they want to leak to, and if you want to make the case for firing Mike Shanahan, it’s pretty easy to do. This is his fourth year, he had one winning season, in three of his four seasons he had 10 losses or more. They’ve been terrible. Me personally, I would not fire him. If I was the owner I’d say you know what, I’m not going to pay you to do nothing for the rest of this year, this year is lost. I’m going to punish you. I’m going to make you coach a team that has quit on you.”

Sounds like fun.


We’re big-time again. All of us. Go, us.


The Wizards had like 16 chances for a last-minute winner on Monday. They didn’t win.


The point of Mike Wise’s column was that Dan Snyder should sell the Redskins, which is a strong stance, and also about as likely as Mike Shanahan leading them to next year’s Super Bowl. But there’s also this little passage, which shows that the nastiness isn’t close to ending.

We thought Snyder might have learned that an owner’s leadership is compromised when he attempts to befriend his star players, confusing employees for friends — from Bruce Smith to LaVar Arrington and Clinton Portis. But then we hear about Robert Griffin III’s car being parked in the bowels of FedEx Field during the game for a painless exit afterward and a longtime employee calling another to say, “The kid’s got a parking space during the game? No one got that.”


Man, this season.


Forgot to post this last week. But man, what a night that must have been. Via Reader Bryan.


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