(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

ESPN analyst Adam Schefter called into the Sports Fix on ESPN 980 on Wednesday, and offered his insight into Sunday’s report that Mike Shanahan cleaned out his office and was prepared to quit last season.

“I’ll just say this. I didn’t know about the office part that Dan Graziano reported over the weekend,” he said. “That was like, ‘Well, I didn’t know that one.’ But I knew how Mike felt about certain things. So that doesn’t surprise me at all. At one point I thought he would do that. But he didn’t and he stayed on. The office part was something I didn’t know about. That kinda caught me.

“I think at one point last year, I don’t know when,” he continued, when asked whether he thought Shanahan considered quitting. “I don’t know if it was January, February or March; yes, I do believe Mike was prepared to quit at one point, yes.”

The analyst spoke about a conversation he had with Shanahan earlier this week, but wasn’t clear whether his opinions came as a result of that conversation. Schefter did seem pretty sure that Snyder was aware he was in danger of losing his coach.

“I think that Dan felt last year — and Dan was aware of this by the way — that Mike was prepared at one point to walk away,” said Schefter. “Dan was aware. That’s not a surprise to him. He 100 percent knew that. How did he know that? I don’t know.”

Schefter admitted that he wasn’t privy to any conversations between the coach and owner, but he remained firm in his statement that Snyder knew Shanahan wasn’t happy.

“I can tell you 100 percent that Dan was aware of this,” said Schefter. “He was. I think his feeling was, Mike was overreacting and that things were gonna work out. Mike should basically continue to work hard and things should work out. Clearly they haven’t.”

The ESPN analyst also spoke about the relationship between Shanahan and Robert Griffin III.

“I think people know how RGIII feels about Mike,” he said. “And again, we can sugarcoat this all we want. We can dry to dress it up and call it ‘lukewarm.’ The bottom line is, he doesn’t like the coach and I don’t think he wants the coach here. Period. And we talked about this, the little triangle of power here in the organization, there are two guys on one side and one on the other. Two guys will win, one guy’s gonna lose. Although in this case, everybody loses.”