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‘Tis the season for quoting former adversaries of Mike Shanahan.

Jake Plummer.

Donovan McNabb.

And now Albert Haynesworth, who again chatted with Dave Hooker of Tennessee Sports Radio this week about his former NFL team and coach.

You’ll recall that Haynesworth teed off on Shanahan in October, saying this about the team’s coach.

“You think it was just me? I mean, look how he did Donovan. See what’s going on with RGIII. I met RGIII. He seemed like an extremely nice guy that’s willing to work. Now he’s gonna learn – I mean, I hate to say he’s gonna learn — about Shanahan, how he’s conniving and everything like that, where he’s not gonna help him out, it’s all about him….I mean, the guy is all me me me. Sorry to say that….I think they ought to cut ties…I don’t think it’s gonna work out. They’re always gonna try to blame RGIII for something. It’s never gonna be the head coach’s fault. EVER.”

At the time, Redskins fans mostly sided with Shanahan against the hated Haynesworth. Six weeks later, many Redskins fans are themselves voicing some variety of the above rant.

So anyhow, here’s Haynesworth, asked Thursday about Shanahan’s benching of RGIII.

“I mean, that’s the guy,” the former defensive tackle said. “That’s just what he does. That’s who he is. He doesn’t want anybody to be bigger than him. People can say [Griffin’s] bigger than the team? No. What I see and read about RGIII is he seems like he’s a team player, he’s always including the team whenever he does good — his team helped him do that, his offensive line or whatever. And when he does something bad, then he takes it on himself.

“I’ve only met [Griffin] once, and it was a great meeting,” Haynesworth said. “It was a pleasure to meet him. He seemed like a very outstanding gentleman that I was wishing the best of luck to. To me, he seems like a great person. And just to know that he’s going through this stuff, I mean, I’ve been there, done that. Hopefully now Dan is on his side. And I guess everybody’s starting to really realize how Mike Shanahan really is.

“You know, I wasn’t lying or making up stuff when I was saying that stuff about Shanahan,” Haynesworth went on. “I was just telling the truth, the truth about things that went on behind closed doors that people didn’t know about. Things he would say or do. You know, I don’t do everything right, but I definitely try to tell the truth. Now everybody realizes that, and now it’s just time to move on, pretty much.”