(Nick Wass/AP)

I know you don’t respect Albert Haynesworth, anonymous reader.

I know you don’t like him, either.

I know that Albert Haynesworth telling Tennessee Sports Radio about Mike Shanahan’s contract is not quite the same thing as looking at a copy of Mike Shanahan’s contract.

But as we prepare for what seems likely to be the post-Shanahan era at Redskins Park, I think this exchange from Haynesworth’s Thursday appearance with Dave Hooker is kind of fascinating. This happened when Hooker asked Haynesworth if he thinks Snyder meddles too much. (Listen to it here.)

“No,” the former defensive tackle said. “You’re talking about with Shanahan? No. That’s another thing that I know of, when Shanahan signed his deal, he made it to where he has in his contract where [Snyder] can’t talk to players. He can only have short conversations, like, hey how are you, things like that. [Before Shanahan], I used to talk to Dan and tell him how I’m playing, or what I’m trying to do, or whatever. Not that he went down to the coaches or whatever and said anything; just kind of like a friend I’m having a conversation with.

“And once Shanahan got there, I could never even talk to [Snyder] again,” Haynesworth continued. “He was never in his office, or he was always busy. I always had to come back or something, which never amounted to me ever talking to him. I mean, the only time I talked to him or saw him was when my brother passed, and he was there for my family and flew us to Nashville and to South Carolina for my brother’s funeral. That was really the only time I seen Mr. Snyder.”

Do you think that’s interesting? Because I think that’s interesting.

Then there was this, when Haynesworth was asked more generally about Snyder’s behavior.

“I don’t think I ever saw Mr. Adams in the practice facility for the Titans, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in there,” Haynesworth said. “So it was kind of a little refreshing, I guess, to see Dan Snyder there. I think what people don’t like is because he’s kind of so involved with the team, but I was with a team that the owner wasn’t involved — and we did well — and then also with a team that I wish I stayed with but they wouldn’t even offer up good money to stay there, to pay me as the highest defensive tackle. They wouldn’t do that.

“So to me it’s a little refreshing,” Haynesworth continued. “Yeah, he might do it too much, but Redskins fans, if you didn’t have a guy that would spend the money, it could be a lot tougher. Sometimes I think what he has to do is just find the right coach, where they could both mesh and go out and get the right people. Because the way I see it — you could take this as a negative or a positive; to me, I think it’s kind of a positive – Mr. Snyder is kind of like a fantasy footballer, if that makes any sense. But he’s an actual owner. He has the money, and anybody that’s really good, he’ll go out and get, especially in free agency.

“Now he just needs that puzzle maker, which is the head coach, to be able to put that together,” Haynesworth concluded. “And then you’ll see the Redskins be a good team. You’ve got a quarterback that I think is top notch, you’ve got a running back that looks like one of the best running backs in the league now. So you’ve got those good pieces; now you just need a good coach to put all that stuff together, add some more pieces and I think the Redskins will be back on top.”