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Rob Ford calls the Redskins ‘a little chaotic’

We’re going to hear opinions from everyone on the Mike Shanahan benching of Robert Griffin III. So why not Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

Ford was on with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan for the second week in a row to make his NFL picks. For those keeping track at home, he went 9-7 last week. He picked against the Redskins this week, and the radio hosts asked him if he was aware of the drama in Ashburn.

“Oh, yeah. I saw what’s going on,” he said. “It’s a little chaotic, if you ask me, but every team has its turmoil and they’ll get through it.”

If anyone can speak on chaos and turmoil, it’s Ford.

Ford also said that he agrees with the quarterback change in Washington.

“RGIII, he’s injured,” said the mayor. “Like I said last week, guys. He’s bad and it even looked worse last week. And he can’t keep playing this kid. You’re gonna lose him. You know what? You gotta either think now, or think into the future. And I personally think, yeah, sit him. Find out what’s wrong with his knee. Get it fixed and let him play, or else he’s gonna ruin his career. It’s something that has to be done.”

Ford, who last week defended the team’s name, offered his thoughts on whether or not Shanahan should stay.

“You know what? Shanahan’s a good coach,” he said. “He’s proven he can win. But, who else is there to replace him? You gotta look at your alternatives. You can’t just say, ‘See you later,’ and you might be bringing in someone worse. But if the players can’t play for him, then he has to go. It’s ownership and it’s a decision I understand, but it’s really the players. You talk to the players and the players come out to the owner and say they just can’t play for him, then he has to go. But it’s really inside baseball. I’ve been there, I’ve coached. It’s really a tough call to make.”