Over the past two years, I’ve seen dozens of personalized license plates featuring RG3, RGIII, or some variety thereof. Maybe more than dozens. Maybe hundreds. From many, many different states.

Chris Bradshaw, a 36-year old lifelong Redskins fan who’s spent his whole life in the Washington area, joined the parade in May, getting this “THXRG3” plate, which he quickly tweeted to the quarterback, with an uplifting message: “Showing my appreciation for all your hard work!”


“As thanks for making the Redskins more interesting and worth watching,” he told me this week. “There was hope. We kind of got revived, for at least half the season. It was entertaining to watch.”

And then?

“Then you come to this season,” Bradshaw noted. “Now, of course, they’re a mess.”

Indeed. The quarterback struggled coming out of the gate. He and his coaches squabbled for months. The losses piled up. Finally, Griffin was benched, as national sports networks picked over the wreckage of this 3-10 team, a story more compelling than any playoff race. And so Bradshaw used a marker, a post-it note and some tape to (temporarily) alter his license plate.


“I mean, I still have hope in RG,” Bradshaw told me. “I just feel like it’s a mess. It’s a disaster at the moment. I feel like he’s a great player, if you give him the right team, the right coaching. Hopefully we can build something around him this offseason….RG’s still a good player. I’m not dissing RG. It was more to be funny.”

And how does this moment compare to others in recent memory

“It’s pretty low, but I feel like we’ve been here before,” Bradshaw said.

Which is why he’s not bailing. He still thinks Griffin is a star the franchise can build around. And he just went out and bought new Redskins gloves. He hasn’t lost hope, in other words.

“You can’t, right?” he said. “You keep on going, man. You just keep doing it, through the good times and the bad. The bad times make the good times that much better.”