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According to multiple reports, Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen stayed at FedEx Field until the late hours of Sunday night, presumably having a talk about the state of the team and Mike Shanahan’s future. Vinny Cerrato was on with LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday, and he offered his own opinion about what was going on.

“I’m sure that what went on, owners, management, Bruce Allen, I guess he was probably there too,” Cerrato said.  “They had a lawyer, they probably had whoever the team lawyer is down there and they looked over Shanahan’s contract to see if there’s any way out. My guess is, every ‘T’ is crossed, every ‘I’ is dotted. So my guess is it’s pretty iron clad. Because if they had a way of getting out of the contract, he’d be gone. So there’s no way to get him out.

“So Mike comes Monday and basically says, ‘You guys have until Wednesday, then I’m gonna bench RGIII.’ And then Wednesday comes and Dan says, ‘Go ahead.’”

Cerrato also seemed to think that Shanahan was going to win the stalemate, unless Snyder finds an out.

“To me, if Mike’s patient, he’s gonna get his money,” he said.  “They have no cause. I guess they’ll do as much as they can. They can check his phone records and that kinda thing and see if they can come up with anything, but I doubt they will. They’ll have to get rid of Mike a couple of days after the season. I think Mike will end up getting his money, because Dan will do what’s best for the organization. Right now, why give Mike what he wants and pay him?”

I’m not sure what checking the phone records would do. See if he’s calling reporters for any of those off-the-record conversations Shanahan says he doesn’t have? Make sure he doesn’t have the Oneida Nation on speed dial?

Cerrato, whose time with the Redskins was with coaches Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs and Jim Zorn, offered a suggestion for who should succeed Shanahan.

“I’ll tell you who would be a good coach for them. Hue Jackson, in my opinion,” he said. “I think he did a good job in Oakland. And he’s been there before, so he knows Dan, understands Dan, can work with Dan. I think Hue Jackson would be a good coach.”

This Hue Jackson. A brash, unpopular, once-head coach who threw his players under the bus when Oakland missed the playoffs in 2011. A man who hasn’t had a head coaching offer since and is now a running backs coach in Cincinnati. A man described as a “power-hungry opportunist who’ll step on or over anyone to climb the professional ladder.” I don’t know if he’s good for the Redskins, but the Redskins hiring him would be great for us here at the Bog.

As for whether Cerrato would ever return to the Redskins, most of you can breathe a sigh of relief. He laughed at the thought.

“I still get blamed for everything,” he said.