(Alex Brandon/AP)

No, I don’t know why Carlos Rogers was asked about the RGIII-Mike Shanahan thing on NBC Sports Network. (I guess it was because he mentioned Robert Griffin III when talking about Michael Crabtree’s recovery from an injury.)

No, I don’t know why I’m now repeating what Rogers said. (I guess it’s because there’s a sense that no one at Redskins Park, besides maybe Kirk Cousins, is saying what they actually believe, and Rogers — even though he has nothing to do with the current situation and, presumably, no inside information — at least seems to believe what he’s saying.)

No, I don’t know when this sideshow act will end. (Though I have to imagine in, say, March, I won’t be staring at a to-do list that includes “transcribe the thoughts of every NFL player about the Redskins.”)

Yes, the fact that the next game after maximum chaos week comes in Atlanta seems fitting to me. The height of the Burgundy Revolution in 2009 came during the trip to Atlanta, when many fans — barred from expressing their unhappiness inside FedEx Field — took their signs of protest south.

Anyhoo, Rogers was asked to talk about the benching.

“With any team, when you’re dealing with a quarterback that you invested so much into, I don’t think you should give him the hand where he’s got so much control over a lot of stuff,” Rogers said. “I heard a lot of people talking about it, and it was all about RGIII, it was all about what he was doing, it wasn’t about the Redskins. You’ve always got to keep it about the team, and I don’t think you should have a player be able to overstep your head coach and be able to go to the owner and call shots.

“If he don’t like something, he’s been able to go to the owner,” Rogers said, although he didn’t source this particular claim. “As a head coach, you feel like you don’t have control over your team. And now you see the results of that. He hasn’t had a good year, I basically still think he’s hurt, and it’s going to be real trouble if Kirk Cousins comes in and plays real good and they finish 3-0. There’s gonna be more talk. But I think it’s a mess right now. If you’re gonna have a head coach, he needs to be in control of your team, not be able to have a quarterback – especially that hasn’t proved himself, in his second year, and not having a good year – be able to talk in the media, say so much stuff and make the team look like a mess, especially when you’re losing.”

Then Rogers was asked what would have happened with this situation had Jim Harbaugh been in charge.

“We’d probably have a new quarterback,” Rogers said. “With this team, [Harbaugh’s] got control over this team and we respect him. Nobody’s going above him and be able to have a relationship with our owners where  they can overturn stuff or kind of be on the quarterback’s side or anything like that. It’s a different guy, it’s a different team, and you see the results of that.”