(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Everyone’s so on edge right now that every headline I write is criticized, every introduction scrutinized, every joke rejected. So I’m just going with a factually true headline — Rex Grossman talked to ESPN 980’s The Drive with Cooley and Czabe on Thursday.

This is what he said.

On the relationship between Kyle Shanahan and Robert Griffin III: “I’m with them all day, and they have a great working relationship. I think they get along great. Each week, there’s a lot of intensity and a lot of effort that goes into putting together a gameplan, and there’s a lot of intricacies and different things, coaching points. They work together really well….I mean, they spend so much time together, and they have a great working relationship, as far as I can tell.”

On what happens on the sidelines: “I’ve gotten into it with Kyle. I’ve gotten into it with every single offensive coordinator I’ve ever had to some degree, at some point during the year, just a little bit. I mean, you spend so much time together  and you get frustrated, and you kind of know what the other person’s thinking. But those only happened a couple times this year. For 98 percent of the time, it’s really just looking at the pictures, and how can we attack them next.”

On replacing Donovan McNabb as the starter against Dallas: “Even though we lost, it was probably one of my favorite games I lost, because we were able to pretty successful on offense, especially in the second half, when they couldn’t stop us.”

On being in the NFL but never playing: “Well, I keep collecting a check, so that’s good. From a competitive standpoint it is a little bit tough. I got a lot of reps, though, this offseason. I think I threw more than anybody else did in the preseason. Just a ton of reps.”

On getting in a game: “I would definitely sling it around. I enjoy playing, I enjoy making the tough throws and manipulating defenses and things like that….I’ll be ready to sling it around a little bit.”

On Washington’s offense: “We have a great offense, that for some reason, when we’ve struggled, it’s been one play here or there that’s stopped a drive, whether it’s a holding call or a sack or something that just kills a drive. And we’ve come up short in a lot of games we should have won.”

On 2013: “Everybody’s giving their best effort, and sometimes things just don’t work out. But last year we were 10-6, we were NFC East champions, and it’s the same people. Just everything’s not kind of coming together as it should, but I still believe in everybody in this locker room and everybody in this organization. The talent is there, and we’re just slumping right now.”