Another Sunday, another round of NFL pregame shows devoted to the most fascinating three-win team in the league.

CBS was among the networks going heavy on the Redskins this week, and Bill Cowher became the latest prominent ex-coach to suggest that something serious is amiss in Washington.

“I think you look at this organization, and to me, it’s somewhat dysfunctional,” Cowher said on “The NFL Today.” “There’s got to be, in my mind, separation between management, between coaching, between owners and management and players. And one thing I’ll say is: RGIII, for whatever reason, I think has failed to accept the responsibility that he’s not played very well. He has some maturing to do, a little bit like Cam Newton a year ago. I think he has some maturing to do, but I think you should play him. I disagree with Mike from that standpoint. And I think from that standpoint, the message you’re sending I think is not a very good one.

“But I think when you look at the bottom line, it starts at the top,” Cowher continued. “This is an owner that’s had six head coaches in 13 years. There is a problem, in my opinion, down there somehow in how that building functions. Instead of walking out of the room and saying we’re in it together, it seems like they walk out of a room and everyone heads their own separate ways. So I think it starts at the top, in my opinion. …

“He needs to be out there playing,” Cowher later said, returning to RGIII. “Cam Newton wasn’t playing well last year, and they were out of the playoffs as well. And if he’s going to develop as a player, he needs to be on the field playing, and not sitting there saving him for next year.”


Yes, it’s probably absurd that I continue to focus relentlessly on the Redskins while the Capitals are doing thrilling and happy things, but it’ll be over soon. Anyhow, the Caps erased a three-goal third-period deficit to beat the Flyers on Sunday afternoon. Absurdly, that was the third time they have erased a three-goal deficit to win this season, and the second consecutive home game they’ve done so. The Caps also improved to 11-3 in shootouts under Adam Oates. The NHL should just turn the Stanley Cup playoffs into a shootout tournament. Katie has much more on the game.


Longtime Caps fan Pat Sajak brings a fastball.


It’s open season right now.


If you didn’t watch the Wizards lose on a last-second shot in overtime on Friday night, well, good for you.


If you want to see how much worse Mike Shanahan’s time in D.C. has been than his time in Denver, spend two seconds looking at this Comcast SportsNet graphic.

(Via Comcast SportsNet)
(Via Comcast SportsNet)


Pretty fascinating news from Michael Lee:

The Washington Wizards are in the preliminary stages of planning a practice facility separate from the Verizon Center, owner Ted Leonsis said in a recent conversation. Leonsis has appointed a team to set the groundwork for a state-of-the-art basketball complex that would be the hardwood equivalent to the Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington that he has already built for the NHL’s Washington Capitals….

He would like to have multiple courts with stands so that high schools, colleges and other groups within the community could also use the facility to train and play games. Although he couldn’t offer a fair estimate on the cost, Leonsis expects it to be at least $20 million.


The Wizards face the Knicks on the road at 7:30 on Comcast SportsNet. The Ravens are in Detroit at 8:40 on ESPN, if you care about that sort of thing. All radio and TV listings are here.