Hockey fans are fond of arguing that the players they love are impossibly tough, tougher than week-old Tofurkey, the toughest athletes in any of the major team sports. I’m not sure about all that, but they definitely play through all sorts of gruesome injuries without leaving the ice.

Turns out their fans do, too.

If you were watching Sunday’s Caps-Flyers game, you might have seen a female fan take a puck in the head and go down in a grisly and bloody scene, as worried players gathered. (Watch it here.)

Well, that fan updated her status on Monday. Her name is Tricia Drummond, and she doesn’t let her blood get in the way of her hockey. Via Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski:

EMS workers took Drummond down to a medical room in the arena, where her injury was examined. It was determined she needed stitches.
Then she heard Alex Ovechkin tie the game in the final minute of the third period to complete a three-goal rally against the Flyers. “I’ll get stitches later,” she said.

So Drummond returned to her seat near the glass and the Flyers’ bench, wearing a blood-stained Ovechkin sweater and with gauze pressed tightly on her gaping wound.





Just another December in Washington. Via MMQB’s Peter King:

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Washington owner Dan Snyder sniff around Art Briles, to see if he could recreate the Baylor magic Briles and Griffin made. But I can’t see it happening. I get the sense there’s already enough feeling in the Washington locker room that Griffin gets special treatment. Why feed into that more by importing a special coach for him?



Bradley Beal missed three two weeks, then came back in Madison Square Garden, then carried the Wizards down the stretch to a one-point road win. The game-winner, via @tjackson85.


Of course, the Knicks got the ball back, down one, with plenty of time left and multiple timeouts. They opted to just go with the off-balance Carmelo Anthony heave. The media reacted well. From the Daily News:

The only thing executed to perfection by the Knicks in the final 24.5 seconds was Carmelo Anthony ripping off his headband and firing it to the ground. But then, the Knicks are well-versed in expressing their frustration this season. As for making key free throws, getting a crucial stop, wisely using their fouls and, above all else, properly using their timeouts, the Knicks are not very efficient in those all-important areas. In fact, they failed miserably in every conceivable way in the closing seconds of a stunning 102-101 loss to the Wizards.

The fans seemed pleased, too.

(Via Comcast SportsNet)
(Via Comcast SportsNet)


Injured teammate Al Harrington seemed to hint that something special might be in store during Beal’s return.


My pal Jason Reid, who called for a Mike Shanahan extension in the middle of this six-car-pileup of a season, has now publicly rescinded his previous stance. He explains:

Last season’s NFL offensive rookie of the year does not trust the person who runs Washington’s football operation. For Snyder, that’s a major problem….When I wrote that Snyder should bring back Shanahan and sign him to an extension, the Redskins were 3-6 and coming off a promising outing on offense in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Since then, they’ve lost five more times to drop to 3-11. Meanwhile, the dysfunction in the organization has been embarrassing. Even Shanahan’s most vocal supporters (I was once among them) had to reevaluate the situation.


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