(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Even before the latest anonymous sources said anonymous things about the Redskins’ next coach, many fans have been talking about Baylor Coach Art Briles as a possible Shanahan replacement. Reporters too — Peter King and Jason LaCanfora have both suggested the Redskins could look at Briles.

So Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon discussed the possibility on PTI this week. Both gave it a hearty thumbs-down.

“No, Briles can’t take this job,” Wilbon said. “You can’t even offer it to him. This is a non-starter.”

“Every day, stories are leaked, some that favor the Griffins and some that favor the Shanahans,” Kornheiser said. “It’s like if you stand outside, you’re gonna get wet if you’re a reporter. [But] this would be the worst possible hire.”

“Of course it would,” Wilbon agreed.

“Robert Griffin at the moment is not receptive to coaching by this staff,” Kornheiser said, failing to cite any anonymous sources. “If you bring in the guy who was his coach at Baylor, you might as well get rid of the name Redskins and change it to Griffins, because he will be completely and utterly empowered. And there’s another reason why this is a lousy hire. You remember this one.  Michael Jordan decided he was gonna come back to play, he was gonna come back to play in Washington, and he hired his friend Doug Collins to be the coach. And it didn’t work out at well. Doug Collins was a pro coach – Mr. Briles is not a pro coach – and Michael Jordan at that point was…”

“Still a great player, still, even at 40 years old,” Wilbon agreed.

“So this is bad,” Kornheiser concluded.

“This is preposterous,” Wilbon said. “Didn’t [Briles] admit, by the way, to The Washington Post’s  Dave Sheinin, that he’s never been out of the state of Texas for more than four or five days?…Stop with the nonsense….Enough of this story. Enough.”