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Nene calls Gortat his soulmate (on the court)

(Via NBC Washington)

The three best moments from Dianna Russini’s joint interview with Nene and Marcin Gortat.

1. Being soulmates

Nene: “He is my soul…”

Gortat: “Soulmate.”

Nene: “My soulmate on the court. Okay? That’s it.”

Russini: “You’re married, right? So it’s like you have two marriages, it sounds like.”

Nene: “Wait wait wait wait, that’s reason I said I don’t want to use that word, because it’s not like that.”

Gortat: “This is the brotherhood we have. We on the court, and sometimes we don’t even speak to each other, but we make everything correct, because we just read the game.”

Nene: “The look. You know, the look? That’s it.”

Gortat: “Every time when he’s walking into the locker room, I already know what he’s thinking.”

Somewhere in there, they both gestured to their eyes. Repeatedly.

2. Bonding over food

Nene: “We like good food, of course. To be international….”

Gortat: “We got this one restaurant, right?”

Nene: “Exactly. What’s the name of the restaurant?”

Gortat: “The restaurant is Fogo de Chão.”

Nene: “Yeeeeeaahhhhyah.”

And they shook hands on it.

3. Hating fakers

Gortat: “Just enjoy the life.”

Nene: “I’m very simple. I like good things”

Gortat: “We don’t like fake effort. We don’t like the fake effort. I’m 100 percent sure he would agree with me. Fake effort, I don’t like that. Fake effort, fake people.”