We’re doing year-end lists every day this week. (See the best D.C. sports quotes of 2013 here, and the worst D.C. sports moments of 2013 here.) Today, we present to you the best D.C. sports gifs of 2013. And because gifs are increasingly being used as an actual form of communication (writing is tedious and reading is the worst), the ones on this list are all accompanied by suggestions for use in everyday conversation.

Let us know in the comments section below if we missed any, or feel free to simply express your displeasure with this post via an eye-roll-dot-gif or a shaking-my-head-dot-gif.


“American Idol” is two hours tonight, and I previously thought it was only one hour.



My mom just wrote on my girlfriend’s Facebook wall.


Everybody is retweeting my tweet of a funny cat gif and I feel validated.


I reminded you to take out the recycling, and you forgot again. You have betrayed me.



That link you sent me had a pop-up ad, and it spooked me.


You’re telling me Beyonce just released a new album, AND  it has 15 music videos?


The Living Social $5 for $10 at Starbucks deal is already sold out.



I worry I’ve taken on too much responsibility at work.


I know I just broke up with you, but want to get back together? Nahh, just kiddin’!


I’ve given up on this gchat conversation but I hope you think I’m still listening.


I just used the wrong “your” and I’m trying to play it off.


Of COURSE it’s okay if you ask my sister out on a date.