(Michael Woodward) (Michael Woodward)

Danny Rouhier announced on Friday a change to the mid-day show on 106.7 The Fan. Holden Kushner, who had co-hosted the four-hour show with Rouhier, will be moving to a different job at WJFK, doing weekends, fill-in shifts and serving as part of the station’s Nats coverage. He also will continue to appear on WUSA’s Sunday night sports show.

Rouhier will do the show by himself next Monday and Tuesday, and then will be on vacation until Dec. 30. The station is not expected to announce its plans for the slot until early next year.



The mid-day slot has seen several changes since 106.7 The Fan launched as a sports-talker in the summer of 2009. First there was a four-hour show featuring Mike Wise and Bill Rohland. Kushner eventually replaced Rohland as Wise’s co-host. Then the four-hour slot was divided into two separate shows, one featuring Kushner and Rouhier and the other with Wise. Finally, Kushner and Rouhier took over the entire four hours.