Finally, an issue on which Wizards fans and Kanye West agree: Michael Jordan should never have played for the Wizards.

Of course, West’s argument is somehow that the Bulls refused Jordan an ownership stake and thus forced him to go to Washington and attempt a comeback and lead the Wizards to a pair of glorious 37-win seasons.

While Wizards fans would argue that he was too old, and he alienated his teammates, and he hired his buddy to be the coach, and he set the franchise back at least two years, and he left in a jerky huff, and even a decade later there’s still a scourge of people wearing the Wizards jersey of a guy who had no connection or affection for this city.

But the end result is the same:. As West autotuneishly says (beware of profanity):

“We shoulda never ever let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards

We shoulda never ever let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards

We shoulda never ever let MJ play for the Wizards

Why did that happen? Why did that happen?”


Last week I noted that even the Redskins were subject to declining television ratings when they’re bad. People argued that the Chiefs game wasn’t a fair measure, because of bad weather and the blowout score. Well, last week’s meeting with the Falcons did not have weather issues and went down to the final 20 seconds, plus there was a new quarterback to gawk at. The game still had relatively poor ratings: the NFL says it got a 22.1 rating in this market, lower than every previous game this season besides the Chiefs game. At least 22 NFL cities had higher ratings last weekend, although I suppose it’s noteworthy that Washington wasn’t close to last.


Michael Lee reported last week that Wizards teammates have given Bradley Beal a new nickname. The second-year guard seems to be embracing it.


Mike Wise has a great column on Nicklas Backstrom, which includes this, from Jason Chimera:

“I think he’s close to one of the best players in the league, if not the best. He doesn’t just set up the offense, pass and score. Nickie blocks shots, penalty kills, plays on the power play. He’s probably the most important guy on the team.”


Thursday I ranked the 11 best D.C. sports moments of 2013, based on happiness created. I had Nats’ Opening Day at No. 1, but had three Caps entries, more than for any other local team, including Ovechkin’s MVP award at No. 8. Well, Ted Leonsis thought it should have been higher:

I think Alex Ovechkin receiving a third MVP Award in a year the Caps made the playoffs should probably be ranked a bit higher. Perhaps as high as an opening day win in a non playoff year for the Nationals, which was ranked 1. But that’s just me.


Whoa strong words from Kyle Shanahan:

“These two years, we have moved the ball better than any offense in the history of this 80-year organization. That’s something to be proud of…..If people want to really know how good these [coaches] are, ask the players at their position. Ask the tight ends for Sean [McVay], ask the quarterbacks for Matt [LaFleur], ask the receivers for Mike McDaniel, and then you’ll get an honest opinion, not one from some bitter guy who’s bitter about everything and just wants to hate on people.”

Some bitter guy? Sounds like Kyle knows who Jason La Canfora’s primary source was.


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