LANDOVER – DECEMBER 22:Washington Redskins inside linebacker London Fletcher (59) salutes the fans after playing in his last home game during the game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys at FedEx Field on Sunday, December 22, 2013. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Last week, London Fletcher announced that he’ll likely be retiring after this season, which means the end of the veteran linebacker’s intense pregame pep talks. On Sunday, he offered one last home game psych session.

If you can’t watch the video below, I’ve done my best to transcribe it. Fair warning, transcribing a pumped up Fletcher screaming like a howler monkey isn’t the easiest task. If you want the full effect, don your favorite Redskins jersey, grab your eye black, put on your best crazy eyes and read this at the top of your lungs. Unless you’re at work, or the bank or at a house of worship. Then don’t do that.

“Hey, fellas. Whether you in high school or college, you got a game that means a little bit more than the other ones. There’s one game in your schedule that means a little bit more than the other ones. For us, this is that game. It’s the Cowboys game. This is our game. The game means more than all the other ones. You wanna be remembered around here? Beat Dallas! You wanna be remembered around here, beat Dallas! That’s the man’s game! Beat Dallas! Let’s go out here and get it done! We can control that! In this group! We got the men to do it! Play with passion! Play with fire! Play with intensity! Be physical! Be focused! Let’s go get it!”

And then he screams some things that I can’t understand and finished with a riotous, “LB’s on three!”

As you all now, “Beat Dallas” didn’t happen. My apologies now, because we’re going from excited to sad for a minute.

“Very disappointing,” said Perry Riley Jr. after the loss. “That’s what hurts me more than anything. I’m sure a lot of the guys on defense feel the same way. We wanted to get this game for Fletch, had the chance to get the win for Fletch, had a chance to win it on defense for Fletch, didn’t happen.”

Fletcher also said that he had to keep his emotions in check.

“Man, I thought we had it,” said Fletcher, who admitted that this week was an emotional one. “When you think about it, fourth and 10, what better way would it have been for me personally to end my career on a defensive stand at the goal line. You have to give them credit, give Romo credit.”