If we’re being honest, the positive-to-negative ratio of Bog stories in recent months has reached alarmingly low levels. There are surely lots of tales of hilarity and good-naturedness and plain-old likability on every local team, but it’s just so hard to ignore the raging grease fire emitting plumes of burnt burgundy smoke in Ashburn. I sure haven’t done a good job ignoring it.

Anyhow, within minutes Monday night, two separate fans who had been at the Caps’ loss to the Ducks sent me two separate e-mails with two separate tales of kindness toward strangers. This isn’t donating-your-life-savings-and-living-in-sackcloth type stuff, but it’s probably a good enough reminder that somehow all of us are tied together in this crazy world of D.C. sports (yeah, you too), spending way too much time and energy caring about D.C. sports teams, and becoming part of some strange community whose rewards aren’t always clear. And I’m not talking about Red Carpet or Monumental Rewards.

Regardless, still give generously to your favorite charitable works, or don’t, or whatever. But maybe don’t forget to smile at your fellow D.C. sports fans, who are raising their kids — despite all logic and common sense — to join this merry band.

From C.J.:

(C.J. Pointkowski)
(Courtesy C.J. Pointkowski)

My wife and I took our boys (ages 5 and 2 ½) to the Caps-Ducks game tonight at Verizon Center.  It was the boys’ first hockey game and they were loving it, and doing some great cheering.  The couple sitting in front of us, total strangers, left their seats at one point and when they came back they gave stuffed Slapshot stuffed animals to the boys, saying “have a happy Festivus!”  The boys were overexcited, and though the Caps came up short they left happy.  It’s nice knowing there are good people out there.

From Jon:

(Jon Halperin)
(Courtesy Jon Halperin)

Tonight I saw something that was really special while walking back to my seat. The girl in the picture above had a signed hockey stick from some Capitals, and she just gave it to a kid who was walking along the concourse outside my seats near section 403. The two kids didn’t know each other. The mom of the boy was in absolute shock about the good nature and luck of this occurring. I saw it happen and thought, this is something I need to take a pic of because it’s an awesome thing that is happening.

In today’s era of controversies in sports and sometimes just the general nastiness that can exist in D.C., it was nice to see be involved in something that didn’t have an ulterior motive.  I also personally think that this girl deserves to be recognized for her generosity in some way or another, even if it’s just a tip of the hat for being a good person.