(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The perils of being asked questions about breaking news stories in a presumably live setting: It’s easy to forget what you’ve just said. Lest this seem like a cheap shot at Ron Jaworski, I will freely admit to having contradicted myself repeatedly during single episodes of our web show, Post Sports Live, which likely has fewer views than this ESPN.com clip.

That said, here’s what Jaworski said, when asked Monday morning about the Redskins’ organizational structure.

“I also think General Manager Bruce Allen, who has a tremendous pedigree of success, has to take some charge of this organization,” the ESPN analyst said. “You know, the owner’s done a great job. Dan Snyder, as an owner, is terrific. There’s 91,000 people there every game. It’s a great brand, the Redskins. But they have to win, and I think it’s at the point now where Bruce Allen has to get involved more with the organization in Washington.”

Twenty seconds later, Jaws was asked about how the Redskins can eliminate the circus-like distractions.

“It seems the teams that have the circus — maybe like Dallas and Washington — the owner is FAR too involved,” Jaworski said. “He is the owner; be the owner. Hire the right people and let them do their job. I believe I heard that up in New England a number of times. Let the professionals do their job. Let Dan Sndyer be the owner and enjoy all the rewards of being the owner, but let the football people — let the Bruce Allens of the world, the next guy they bring in — let them do their job and support them rather than fight them.”

To summarize, Dan Snyder is terrific as an owner, but as an owner he’s far too involved.

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