There are 5,000 other “people saying things about the Redskins” items I could do right now, but one of my 2014 resolutions — or possibly the only one — is to spend less time writing about the Redskins and more time writing about other teams, traffic numbers be darned.

This is a resolution I’m likely to break around 11 a.m. on Jan. 1. But for now, it seems nice.

And so, please do check out this video from Saturday night of Martell Webster and a teen-aged fan, somewhere in the depths of Verizon Center’s parking garage. The fan — who, with his suburban friends, likes to greet players in the parking garage after games — mistakenly called Webster “Chris Singleton.” Webster demanded an apology. This is what he got.

Here’s to more fun stories featuring winning (or at least .500) teams, and fewer transcribed interviews about teams in disarray. Maybe. For a couple days, anyhow.

(Alex Brandon/AP)