A few Wizards players tweeted the above pic from the team plane after last night’s win 106-99 win in Detroit. I’m pretty sure Trevor Booker is eating cereal.

They say you start the new year the way you end the previous. That’s not great news for some of our local team, but for the Wizards, it looks like all fun and happiness for their 2014 start. They have a .500 record and seem to have good chemistry and genuinely like each other. Take this exchange, for instance, found in Michael Lee’s item over at Wizards Insider.

Nene is often tough on Seraphin but gave him some positive feedback in the locker room afterward.

“I just told him: ‘I can’t do it for you. I can help you’ But he did amazing job,” Nene said of Seraphin. “He went in on the right position, he read the right space and he put himself in the game. That help a lot.”

Nene then smiled and patted Seraphin on the back.

“Huh, big fella? Just do your thing, bro,” Nene said. “I don’t like to talk about him because the next day, he goes, uhhhh….”

Nene made a funny face and started acting as if he was dizzy, using humor to explain Seraphin’s lack of focus at times.

“No, no, no,” a smiling Seraphin said. “That’s not true.”

Nene patted him on the back again and they both laughed.


Some of the team also tweeted their joy last night. Marcin Gortat seemed to be riding his own emotional roller coaster, but it looks like he came out okay in the end.






Eric Maynor and Trevor Ariza had their own little thing going on. If anyone can translate, lemme know. Or you know what? Don’t. Let’s just leave the happiness be.