According to my pals at the Insider, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, defensive backs coach Raheem Morris, defensive line coach Jacob Burney, offensive line coach Chris Foerster, assistant offensive line coach Chris Morgan and tight ends coach Sean McVay are the remaining Redskins assistant coaches under contract.

If you assume the Redskins would only hire an actual coach to be their coach, those would be the seven internal candidates.

And yet the Redskins’ Web site and Twitter accounts listed “internally” as an option for the next hire, and at least 13 or so people chose that option. These are people I’ve never heard from, I’m guessing.



Meanwhile, The Post ran its own poll, which got more than 12,000 votes. As of this typing, the leading candidates look like this:

1) Bill Cowher, 15.74%

2) Russ Grimm, 14.16%

3) Jon Gruden, 14.14%

4) Lovie Smith, 10.06%

Those voters are also mostly foreign to me. No other candidate received more than 8 percent.


Also, NBC Washington’s Pat Collins is apparently touring the metropolitan region, asking passersby to choose a candidate off a piece of paper taped to his van.

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