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At least one local media member has been going hard with Bill Cowher as a potential coach in Washington.

“There is mucho evidence to point to Bill Cowher being the leader in the clubhouse,” ESPN 980’s Chris Russell said Monday, adding that Cowher alreadyhas met with Dan Snyder.

“Oh, absolutely,” Russell said. ” Twice. At least. At least. I know Dan was involved in both. Bruce [Allen], I’m not 100 percent sure, but I believe so.”

This led to people asking whether that seemed like a realistic possibility.



So there’s that.

James Brown, a longtime Skins follower and another colleague of Cowher’s colleagues, went on WTOP Monday afternoon, where he was asked if Cowher would make a good candidate for the Redskins.

“First of all, he would be an EXCELLENT candidate for the job,” Brown said. “No, I do not think Bill Cowher has met with Mr. Snyder at all, in person. He may have had his people, his agents, listen to what it is. And Bill Cowher has never said he’s NEVER going to return to the sidelines, but he’s enjoying his life. However, he said if he were to go back to the sidelines, it would have to be with great ownership in place, have to have an absolutely strong quarterback upon which and around whom to build, and clearly he would have to be paid handsomely. So you determine how many of those elements have been met.”

(Listen to Brown here)