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Robert Griffin III was on the sideline at the Fiesta Bowl on Wednesday night to cheer on Baylor. The Redskins quarterback also spent time with the Bears in the week leading up to the bowl, even appearing in a bowl week diary video.

“What’s up, guys. Robert Griffin here,” he says in the video. “You know, it feels good to be back and to be able to see these guys in the BCS bowl. I can’t wait to see them go out there and dominate. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I feel like I’m back home. See ya’ll.”

Things didn’t exactly go well for Baylor, which lost to Central Florida despite entering the game as a 17-point favorite. Not a great year for RGIII teams.

The cameras did manage to catch the quarterback before things went south, as you can see from the smiley, happy guy in the screengrab above. RGIII’s wife, Rebecca, was not so eager to appear on television, making a smooth getaway when the camera showed up.