If you don’t think the entire metropolitan area is still recovering from December’s surprise benching of Robert Griffin III, consider this: Big Buns in Ballston continues to market a three-patty creation under the name The RGIII aka The Kirk Cousins.

The eatery — which is on Wilson Boulevard near Ballston’s Metro stop — introduced The RGIII at the beginning of this season. It features an 8 oz. hamburger patty, a 6 oz. chicken patty, and a 6 oz. turkey patty, along with the typical cheese/lettuce/tomato accompaniments. That makes a pound-and-a-quarter of meat, if you lost track.

Of course, in December, RGIII was benched, and the next Monday the restaurant added the “aka The Kirk Cousins” part, which it has yet to remove. Got to cover your bases and everything.

No word on what the sandwich will be called next fall.

If you, too, would like free advertising for your local business, name a menu item after a local athlete. Preferably Bryce Harper. Or Jan Vesely.