For anyone concerned that Robert Griffin III is having an undue influence on Washington’s ongoing search for a head coach, there’s this: He’s currently in Hawaii, meeting pro golfers and posing for photos at Maui’s Costco.

Also, did you know you can get 24 Yuenglings at Costco for something like $17? I don’t have nearly the affection for Yuengling that some Pennsylvanians do, and people who insist on referring to it exclusively as “Lager” make me want to rip the last hairs out of my head, but that’s still a pretty good deal. Although I suppose everything at Costco is a good deal. Including the RGIII photos. Which appear to be free.



Of course, it isn’t just golfers and Costco shoppers spotting Robert Griffin III in Hawaii. In the process of finding other people who have spotted Robert Griffin III in Hawaii, I was reminded of last offseason, where I seemed to publish an item every time Robert Griffin III entered fresh air. I promise not to do that this offseason, with certain notable exceptions, like when he meets pro golfers and Costco shoppers in Maui.

(Thanks to @recordsANDradio)