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Hey, two Joe Gibbs posts in one day.

Turns out 10 years ago Wednesday, The Washington Post announced the (re-)hiring of Joe Gibbs. Which means it all went down 10 years ago Tuesday.

It seems pretty clear that every sports fan in this area remembers exactly where they were when this happened. I remember where I was when I first heard the news (on DC101, if you can believe that), and where I was when Gibbs’s news conference went live on the radio (in a car, driving north from North Carolina). My pal Mitch, who works here, just saw this image and recalled exactly where he was when he heard, and exactly what this printed page looked like. Not too many D.C. sports hirings over the last decade have left such an impression.

Also, not bad when you can roll out Boz, Kornheiser and Wilbon back to back to back.

Also, Mike Allen!


(Washington Post)