Back in November when hazing in sports was the hot topic, a few of the Caps players were adamant that hazing doesn’t happen in the Caps locker room. Apparently pranks fall under a different category, because in a recent episode of “Caps Red Line,” some of the players revealed their favorite locker room prank.

“Flexall in the jock strap is a good one. If the guy doesn’t wear any underwear it’s a good one,” Jason Chimera said. “Shaving cream in the gloves is also a good one.”

Jay Beagle incriminated himself, recalling a prank he played on a teammate last season.

“If I say it, then someone’s gonna know that I did this to them last year. I’m gonna rat myself out,” he said. “I fill up a cup of water, and I tuck it under the helmet. It wouldn’t work here, but usually the helmets are on top of the stall and they’re kinda hanging over the edge. So you have all  your gear on and you go to grab your helmet to put it on last and you pull it, and the cup of water drops, spills all over you, spills all over your stall.”

This happened to me when I was working in a bar once. Not cool.

Karl Alzner also shared the true-life tale of a joke played on an unnamed Caps teammate.

“We took one guy’s gear and put it all into a pile and taped everything up into a massive ball and taped a big string to it and tied it to the ceiling,” Alzner recalled. “It was hanging there like a big globe. And so it hung there until the next day when he came in and his gear was all in one big pile, everything taped up together. It took him like, probably, 45 minutes to get it all undone.”

Sure it’s funny now, but if Dan taped up all of my notebooks and recorder and my reporter’s fedora and my blogging pants, I’d be pretty annoyed.

Here’s the episode, complete with an appearance by “Professor Brouwer.” The prank talk starts about four minutes in.

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